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Thank you for the comment and insight Christopher. I agree that as leaders, there is a process we have to go through. It is a difficult process, as they say, “if it was easy everybody would be doing it”. A process is also a double-edged sword. It may be good or bad. When you said, “…conform to what we want us to be”, I see that as a challenge for leaders. Is it our values that will shape us into what we want to be or do we allow also externalities to help shape us into the leader we ought to be?

What I am doing to exercise inclusion in the group is to find “value”. Value is our puppet masters (Sime, 2019). It is, in essence, what controls us within.

Best regards! See you in the next DB!

Sime, C. (2019). Please Get To Know Your Values. Forbes. Retrieved 9 January 2021, from



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Alvin Tanicala

Alvin Tanicala

Registered HIT man. Follower. Learner. Analog Life Virtualization.