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Imagine a better healthcare world, where health information is accessible, equitable, and secure for everyone. (

The concept of health information is a growing and important one. As more people across the world have access to medical care, we face the challenge of ensuring that their information will be available to them whenever they need it.

If you are in the healthcare field, then you know you should not be struggling to “find information” about your patients. We have technologies we use daily that should be able to give us what we need as health information professionals to evaluate, monitor, and manage our health population better than ever before.

Our health record is fragmented. This means that every time we see a doctor, get tested, or fill a prescription, they compile this information in separate places with nothing connecting it together. It’s incredibly tough for healthcare professionals to view your complete health history and decide on the best treatment for you if the needed information is in different systems.

Do you know what Health Information is? This is about the information that makes up your complete health story. It includes your medical records, medications, conditions, and outcomes (such as diagnoses) as well as the notes from all doctor visits, emergency room stays, and procedures. I’m sure you understand that your medical information is important. To help ensure its accuracy and safeguard against errors, it’s important that we give health information professionals the tool to keep these error-free and safe, private and confidential.

There is a massive desire to modernize healthcare, as the current system suffers from dated technology systems, growing costs, and an increase in fraud and safety issues with patient information. However, technology alone won’t fill the needs of the future. One of the core values of health information professionals (HIP) is harnessing the power of data to improve health outcomes.

Health information professionals (HIP) are those people who help create and keep the health stories that make up each of our lives. The HIP provides solutions to the complex problems of health information management for patients and care professionals at every point throughout the lifetime of their continuum of care.

We believe Health Information is human information. We believe health information professionals have a responsibility to be stewards of data produced by the health system. And we believe all people should have access to their health information wherever they are.

What is Health Information?

Health information is the data that applies to a person’s health records. A health record contains the medical history, including symptoms, diagnoses, procedures, and outcomes. A health record also includes the following information: a patient’s history, lab results, X-rays, other clinical information, demographic information, and notes from professionals who are part of their care team.

We can view a patient’s health information individually to see how the patient’s health has changed; We can also view it as a part of a larger data set to understand how a population’s health has changed, and how medical interventions can change health outcomes.



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